Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats?

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats?

All the pet owners once are at the point in their life. Are dogs better or cats are better?

A dog lover agrees less with the sentence that cats are better than dogs, and a cat lover agrees less with the conviction that dogs are better than cats.

What if you were to choose any one of the two to live with?

Comparing dogs and cats are like comparing the sun and the moon. However,

Research has confirmed that dogs are better than cats. Dogs have superior powers of understanding. With this endless debate,

Let’s explore several reasons why dogs are better than cats.

Cat lovers, don’t worry, we will also explore several reasons why cats are better than dogs.


Reasons For Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats 


1. Dogs never fail to make you laugh.


Dogs have a superior sense of smell.

Laughing is the best medicine. Dogs make you laugh out loud. This is their unique characteristic.

Once you laugh at their unusual activities, they will try to repeat them and make more unusual habits to make them funnier and funnier. Their playful nature makes you giggle a lot.

So, if you pet a dog, get ready for a stomachache due to laughter. Cats are stubborn, on the other hand.


2. Dogs help you make more friends than before.


Why dogs are better than cats

“A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Dogs act as a mediator between two humans and enhance feelings between them.

A study has shown that the ones who pet a dog are known to meet more strangers, and they have made new friends because of their pets.

Wandering with dogs like having a walk with them leads to more interactions and start new relationships.

Whereas cats remain indoors mostly, there are fewer chances to meet someone new.


3. Dogs have a superior sense of smell.


Why dogs are better than cats

Fact: Dogs possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses.

Their amazing sense of smell picks up all sorts of invisible things.

They are able to identify minute odor discriminations. It is due to this sense that they are trained in many security purposes of the nation and to find the lost ones.

They sense our fear, stress, and anxiety via their noses.


4.  Dogs are technically advanced or tech-savvy.


 Why dogs are better than cats

Dogs have a very greater potential as compared to cats. Dogs are technologically advanced to help their owners and increase their owners’ security.

Some dogs have advanced enough to recognize written commands on a tablet, like sit, whirly, etc., and respond to them quickly.

They have even mastered taking good-looking selfies as humans do!

A UK-based company offers this training session to dogs. Most cats are busy socking crushed wool tissues around the house.


5. Dogs help you to stay fit and active.


Why dogs are better than cats

“Health is Wealth”

Dogs prefer to remain outdoors more than staying indoors and stay lazy. They are good for our hearts.

They like to have a walk which encourages their owners. They indulge you in some form of physical activities and plays.

It is known that walking is the best exercise. A study has proved that senior citizens who pet dogs walk an average distance of one mile per day.

Dogs promote an active lifestyle for the community. Besides, cats are less likely to indulge in any kind of activities with their owners.


6. Dogs are real-life heroes.


Why dogs are better than cats

It’s not that a human can only be a hero…

A hero is someone that saves other living being’s life without caring for his life. Dogs have helped to save endangered animals.

Their penetrating and discerning sense of smell helps to perform various operations like search-and-rescue, sniffing out bombs, fugitives.

In many real-life incidents, dogs have saved people’s lives and sacrificed their own lives. They are no less than any soldier.

In many countries, dogs have even achieved medals. These cases are rarely found in cats.


7. Dogs have an extra sense – the sixth sense.


Why dogs are better than cats

Dogs possess an extra sense apart from five senses, called – “gut” feeling

When something is not right. Dogs can predict many things. They have the ability to detect approaching disasters.

For those who believe in supernatural powers, dogs can sense the weirdest paranormal things. Their long-time or 12-15 hours barking signs us that something wrong is going to happen.

They respond to even a minor change in geomagnetism. They are able to perceive physiological changes and transformations like pregnancy.

It is completely unheard of in the case of cats!


8. Dogs may help people prevent developing allergies and asthma.


Why dogs are better than cats

Researches in the past have shown that exposure to pets, especially dogs, during the early childhood period may prevent people from developing allergies and asthma.

Exposure to dogs means exposure to dog dust or dried flakes of skin that fall from Fido (a dog breed name).

Dog dust seems like microbes that influence many immune cells winding up responding to allergies, i.e., altering intestinal bacteria.

This is not possible with exposure to cats.


9. Dogs are best known for loyalty.


Why dogs are better than cats?

“Loyalty is in the blood of dogs”

It is due to the pack mentality that makes them towards others. Loyalty makes dogs unique from other animals and pets.

Dogs never forget those who provide food and shelter to them. They are 100% devoted to their owners.

Tired? Stressed? Sad? 

Your dog will tilt its head and try to make you feel a better lot while cats will nap more than try to make you feel happy.

Dogs are social creatures…

The one who owns a dog pet tends to have lower blood pressure and a longer lifespan than the one who doesn’t own pets at all.


10. Dogs make you live to the fullest, even if you get old.


Why dogs are better than cats

Getting old is the rule of the universe. After retirement, senior citizens feel like they are lacking something in their life.

They don’t have other purposes than meals and walks. Dogs give you more purposes than these and help you to live your life to the fullest.

They don’t make you feel like you are getting old. Pets are not just animals, but they are a part of life.

They play significant and smart roles in their owners’ lives. Their uncountable activities and jokes will make you feel like you want more than 24 hours in a day!


11. It is simple and easier to train dogs.


You can train your dogs to do awesome tricks, manners, behaviors, and commands. Their easy training is one of the most reasons Why dogs as pets are more popular than cats.

Dogs love training a lot because they love doing tasks.

They love the praise they get from their owners after a job done well. However, this is not most done in the case of cats. If cats get bore while training, they will not pay attention and just run away.



12. Dogs offer you the best protection.


Why dogs are better than cats

Dogs will watch your back till their last breath and guard you no matter if they are small or big.

They will alert you if any burglar or stranger tries to enter your house. Cats prefer to run away when some stranger comes to your house rather than being brave and protect their owner.

An audible bark is enough for strangers or burglars to run off from the house. They also alert you and try to protect you from fire accidents. This cannot be expected from a cat!


13. Dogs vary in all sizes and shapes.


Why dogs are better than cats

There are numerous dog breeds that come in different sizes and unique shapes.

Even there are multiple cat breeds, but many of them don’t vary in size and shape. From a tiny little Yorkie to the huge Great Dane, you can decide your own dog to be a pet.

You can pet a dog with endless energy or a dog with entertaining skills that can make your life heaven with its joyful nature.


14. Dogs say no to litter boxes.


Why dogs are better than cats

Both cat lovers and pet lovers hate litter boxes.

Even though both the pets are well-maintained, the smell lingers, and the litter gets all over the home. A well-trained house pooch will not use litter boxes but go outdoors and relieve themselves.

You just need a poop scooper and a poop bag to clean after the pet. Cats use litter boxes, and the cat owners have to deal with the smell.


15. Dogs can always find a reason to be hilarious.


Why dogs are better than cats

Dogs just want to have fun with you.

Dogs love to play with their owners. The faces they make, especially during Halloween, and their hilarious activities will make you burst into laughter.

Many dog lovers have proven to better their health while watching dogs doing funny activities. Talking of cats, They love to play with string toys and their little cat ball toys.


16. Dogs are always responsive.


Why dogs are better than cats

Dogs respond when you call their name. They don’t ignore their humans. As soon as you call out their name, no matter how far they are, they will come to you running.

Once you train them, they will understand your body language because they have adapted to the human world. Cats tend to avoid their owners when called with their names.


17. Dogs want to go with you wherever you go.


Why dogs are better than cats

Dogs are human’s best friends. They are the best companions.

They just want to be with you, even if you want to go to the bathroom. Their kisses are the best! 

They are pack mentality pets. They love being social. The bond between humans and dogs is unbreakable and unmistakable.


18. Dogs are adventurous creatures.


Why dogs are better than cats

Being active and adventurous, they always take new risks. They do not mind at all and let you do silly things to them.

They make your daily adventures funnier and more interesting. This is what brings you closer to your dogs.

It is due to this nature that they are helpful in life-saving operations.


19. Dogs are always happy to see you.


Why dogs are better than cats

All the dog lovers have experienced this incident – whenever you reach home after your very busy work, and you will find your dog waiting for you at the door, waving its tails.

They will start licking you.

Their kisses are the best one which helps you in healing. You can see happiness in their eyes. They always cheer you when you are down.

You may not have experienced such an incident with a cat pet.


20. Dogs appear calm and accepting when confronted with a change


Why dogs are better than cats

With the changing environment or the place, dogs are readily able to adapt to the changes. Even if you change your behavior towards your dog, they will still be loyal to you and remain calm.

They will still try their best to make you happy and entertain you. Cats do not easily accept changes as they do not feel safe with the change instantly.


Wrapping Up

After reading all these reasons, now you will know why dogs are better than cats. The way we feel, smell, eat, laugh, cry, lives, is also the way a dog feels, smells, eats, laughs, cries, and lives except that we can leave alone but they cannot even for a few seconds. Even if we change our behavior towards them, they don’t change and stay loyal. This is what makes them unique from other pets.

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