Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs?

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs?

Finally, now you will be going to know why cats are better than dogs. Cats and dogs are the most popular pets.

Hence, when it’s time to get a pet, choosing a cat or a dog becomes a difficult choice.

This topic has become a discussion less and battle more!

Science and research have shown that both cats and dogs have unique social and health benefits to humans.

Let’s check out those cats’ benefits and explore several reasons why cats are better than dogs.

Don’t worry dog lovers,

We will check out the reasons why dogs are better than cats too.


Reasons for Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs


1. Cats Require Much Less Space.


Why cats are better than dogs

If you are afraid to share your space with anyone, then cats are the perfect match for you.

They do not need solid space like dogs for sleeping or stretching out or various other physical activities to be done. 

Just providing them litter boxes, food, and water dishes will make them pretty much happy.


2. Cats Are More Affordable And Cheaper Than Dogs.


why cats are better than dogs

Once you own a pet, maintaining them needs plenty of expenses, from supplies to the caretaker.

In general, adaption fees for kittens are far less than for puppies.

Dogs tend to destroy their toys, whereas kittens love their toys and take good care of them.

Cat toys are cheaper and easy to DIY.


3. Cats Love To Stay Indoors.


Why Cats are Better Than Dogs

Cats are very happy staying indoors.

They rarely leave the house unless their owners take them out. Some fresh air from a widow crack makes them happy.

But, this is impossible with dogs as they have an outdoor lifestyle and they always take their owners with them while going out.

They need a lot of exercise for better health.


4. Cats Are Peaceful.


Why Cats are Better than Dogs

Cats are much quieter than dogs.

Once you learn to know what the meows mean, cats will only meow when they need something.

Only when they are most active, they will make noise.

However, their meows and purrs are pretty quiet.

Dogs bark at strangers at night, and obviously, you won’t like their incessant barking, interrupting your sleep.


5. Much Less Work Is Required For Kittens Than Puppies.


Why cats are Better than Dog

Once felines are weaned from their mothers, and if they have learned the basics of litter box usage, they can be left at home without supervision.

On the other hand, puppies need ongoing training.

Due to the smaller size of kittens, if you put your kitty in a room where it won’t make any mischief, no damage or much less damage will be caused.


6. Cats Keep You Bug-free And Pest-free.


Why Cats are Better Than dogs

Cats are hunters by nature and keep pests at bay. It’s in their blood to hunt and pounce on their prey.

Keep your cat in front of the television when any small insect scene is going on and watch the cat’s activities!

It will jump on the screen to make it bug-free.

No need to afraid of mice or bugs and make your house free of them. Additionally, cats keep rodents away from your home.

Cats have the hunter’s mentality encoded in their DNA.


7. Cleaning The Litter Box Rates Higher Than Long Walks.


Why Cats are Better Than Dogs

Regular walks are not for every indoor person.

They prefer to clean the litter box every day than going outdoor with their cats late at freezing night, during scorching summer.

It is better to have more than one litterbox than to clean your dog poop in public.

Some of the cats even use the washroom.


8. Cats Keep Themselves Clean.


Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Cats are very well creatures naturally.

Talking about personal hygiene, cats are self-cleaning machines.

They groom themselves.

They are equipped naturally with a barbed tongue to clean themselves.

Dogs love to be around dirty stuff and hence need regular grooming and brushing, which is expensive too.

Whereas you can groom and brush your cat once a week.


9. Cats Know The Importance Of Personal Space.


why Cats are better Than Dogs

It’s natural not to be in a mood for fun after being stressed and tired from your hectic schedules. Your cat really understands and appreciates the concept of personal space.

Cats do not want constant attention or energy play.

Its main reason you can benefit from a cat that you can relax by yourself during weekends.

Dogs constantly love to be around and want your attention always.


10. Cats Do Provide Many Health Benefits.


Why Cats are Better Than Dogs

It is believed that owning a cat may reduce your risk of dying from a heart attack, reduce your stress, and live a long life.

Apart from this, another benefit is that purring has therapeutic healing capabilities on human bones and muscles.

If you are suffering from injury, their vibration frequencies have positive effects on that injury and joint mobility.


11. Cats Make You Intelligent More Than Dogs Do.


Why Cats are Better Than Dogs

It is proved that cat people are more intelligent and smarter than dog people.

Owning a cat makes you more intelligent because you tend to stay indoors and read more books than going out.

Cats are highly intelligent creatures. Dog people are more energetic and outgoing than cat lovers.


12. Cats Do Not Smell Like Dogs.


Why Cats Are Better Dogs

As we know that cats clean themselves and do not be around dirt like dogs do, they are not as smelly as dogs.

They do not have a very attractive odor but smell better than dogs.

Cats regulate their body temperature.


13. Cats Are Sleepy.


Why Cats Are Better than Dogs

If you are a workaholic person, then owning a cat is very beneficial to you.

Cats can sleep at any place from 12 to 16 hours per day.

When you are away from your house, cats will spend their time being asleep, and when you are back, your kitty will be as fresh from playing with you and spending time with you.


14. Cats Are Better For The Environment.


reason cats are better than dogs

If you worry about your carbon footprint,

Owning a cat is better than dogs because cats have a little carbon impression than dogs.

Many studies have proved that the lifetime resources required to feed and take care of a cat require less carbon footprint.

Also, cats prefer corn or fish to beef which is best for the environment.


15. Cats Are Less Slobbery Than Dogs.


20 reason why cats are better than dogs

Many studies have shown that cats splash less than dogs, and they are more efficient than dogs while drinking water.

Usually, when a cat drinks water, its tongue does not pierce the water’s surface.

Instead, it forms a funnel that lifts water up for a splash-free drink, getting in four laps per second.

Dogs smash their tongues into the water’s surface, causing a mess.


16. Cats Stay More Alert Than Dogs.


cats alertness why cats are better than dogs

Dogs have sharper senses but not as sharp as cats’.

Cats have a strong sense of smell than dogs. Cats have a wider range of colors & shades and superior close-range visions.

They even have superior vision in dim light. They hear better than dogs, and hence they become alert before dogs become.

Their sixth sense can help in paranormal activities.


17. Cats Welcome Guests Better than Dogs.


cats are always better than dogs

Cats are better hosts than dogs. If you are planning to have people at dinner,

No worries, Either your cat will welcome them playfully or it may hide during their arrival.

Dogs will bark at your people because they are strangers to them and may not welcome them safely! They may undergo the worst and annoying behavior.

Cats do not do such things.


18. Cats Love To Be Independent.


dogs are less better than cats

Cats are less likely to depend on humans for their safety.

Your cat will not demand or beg for your unending attention. Cats make affectionate bonds with their human.

Studies show that cats do not form any childlike dependence on humans like dogs do. They do not need their owners to be happy.

But this is not compared with their love towards their owners.


19. Cats Live Longer.


cats are best than the dog

With various improvements in nutrients and veterinary medicines, domestic cats can live longer to over 15 years and in some cases to over20 years.

They tend to live longer than dogs.

According to Pet WebMD, cats live 10-15 years on average, and dogs live 11 years on average.


20. Cats Are Well Suited But More Puzzling.


why cats are better than dogs

Cats are known to evolve better than dogs.

They are more nimble and agile.

Cats love their owners more than food, and their love is more meaningful than a dog’s. Though a cat is more convenient than a dog,

it is mysterious…

A cat’s really thinking is not only out of reach of its owner but also of many interested scientists.



Once upon a time,

Cats were worshipped as gods. After having a closer look at these reasons, I hope you will know why cats are better than dogs.

At last, cats are for civilized people who have small living quarters, less time, and low maintenance.

Now you can decide your matching pet depending on which pet fits your perfect lifestyle.

In various ways and reasons, cats are the ideal housepets.

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