What is Animal Crushing?

What is Animal Crushing?

Wondering about what is animal crushing exactly?

To know in deep, we should first define crush fetish and felony.

A crush fetish is an act in which a person is sexually aroused by another person who crushes inanimate objects, invertebrates (insects, worms, snails, etc.), vertebrates (birds, reptiles, mammals), or humans.

A felony means a severe crime.

Animal crushing is the brutal act of abusing, torturing, injuring or killing animals intentionally. These acts are often done by women in high heels, stepping on insects and animals to death.

This horrific violence not only stops there.

A dog sold for slaughter by a vet, a pup boiled alive, a cat nailed to the floor, birds ripped apart, etc.

Are just a few examples. Such cruel and dreadful animal-crushing pictures and torture videos have been circulating over the Internet.

Once you watch these videos, you will never be able to forget them throughout your lifetime.


What is animal crushing


Many people have raised their voices to give justice to those innocent animals being tortured to death. The footage starts with a woman wearing pencil-pointed high heels standing with a knife or any other sharp object.

She repeatedly hits the animal with the object or pushes her high heel on the forehead until the defenseless animal stops to produce a painful sound.

And at last, the animal meets its horrifying death.

However, the cruelty still proceeds with the animal body burned or crushed. It is said that if you burn someone alive, it is the most painful thing in the world.

How can someone even think of such cruelty?

In many footage or pictures, the small and helpless animals are drowned, stabbed, ripped, butchered, suffocated, or impaled. Such humans are called monsters. But not everyone who is filming, a monster. Some of them are even forced to abuse and torture animals. They also include small children!

In one of the videos, A girl was just 12 years old! They are forced to perform like puppets. Mark Griffiths has called this cruelty – zoosadism by proxy, which means human-on-animal sadism.

He understands that mainly, men are sexually aroused as women are crushing the animals.

According to him, women are not attracted to fetish, but they do these for financial gain. In one of the stories, a small boy is burning a kitten with a blowtorch, laughing at the camera. Such heart-breaking and breathtaking visuals are not sometimes being able to be seen by the officers.


animal cruelty


We live in a world where people still believe in superstitions. These superstitions vary from region to region. Some believe that to make God happy, animals should be sacrificed!

They believe it a good omen. Has Any God ever asked for an innocent’s sacrifice in any religion?

We are forward physically only, not mentally. There are many remote areas of the world where countless sacrifices are made. It is impossible to evaluate the size and scale of this cruelty industry which operates on the dark web, outside the laws. 

Some activists have made the burden of identifying these criminals their personal and professional careers. This mental clang is enormous.

What is animal crushing

Filming animal crushing videos and then sharing them online or offline is outlawed under the legislation – the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act.

Obama has introduced this law in the year 2010. To stop this federal crime,

The US Senate has passed the bipartisan – Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act by unanimous consent on 10th December 2016. Greece is the only other country with a specific animal crush prohibiting law.

As per the first animal anti-cruelty bill, the PACT Act will prohibit intentional engagement. Penalties for violating the rules are fines and/or imprisonment for more than 7 years. Apart from this Act,

There are several Animal Abuse laws, and animal cruelty laws being implemented for the justice to be done to the victim animals and punish them who have committed animal cruelty felony.

These laws also punish those who circulate torture videos across the world.

By introducing the PACT Act,

We can say that the government has taken the correct step forward in the right direction.

We, youth, the future of the nation, should immediately contact law officers or animal rights activists if we witness such brutal crimes or killings.

The Internet is a vast space. We use only 4% of it, and the rest is the “Dark web”. The torture videos are uploaded on this dark web in order to not being caught as criminals. The activists investigate and reach the root content of these videos. 

People who commit such crimes are very, very cruel, and not normal because no normal person would even think to do anything like that. Some videos are really at all not watchable because “you would go mad seeing an animal being disemboweled alive”.

You may even see horrific nightmares that disturb your sleep, ultimately leading to being a psycho. The mental burden on the animal cruelty investigating officers is truly unimaginable.

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