12 Most Smartest Cat Breeds in the World

12 Most Smartest Cat Breeds in the World

Yes! There are Smartest Cat Breeds that make your IQ questionable. Plenty of energy, a mischievous streak, and a freaking intelligent mind make a cat a smart one.

After all, this is for what the cats are famous for.

In this article,

We will see which are the Smartest Cat Breed and know them in detail. There are various activities, tricks, and puzzles that help in making these cats’ minds sharp.

As a companion, we tend to look for friends that help us not only in entertainment but also in our hard times where intelligence and smartness are the only options.

Well, these furry friends have chosen effectively in the form of cats.

These Cats Are Smartest Cat Breed:


#1 Abyssinian Cat

Smart cat breeds

Abyssinian cats are fond of being highly intelligent, inquisitive, and the best learners. Apart from these, they are excellent jumpers and climbers. Make sure you provide these beautiful pets more and higher spaces.

Their nickname Aby-grabby is because they investigate the things that grab their attention from humans to the wires or other appliances.

They love to have your attention. And also require constant stimulation. It would help if you kept a variety of puzzles and mind sharpening toys that challenge her intelligence.

These are active cats and love to explore nearly all the things around them. Abyssinian is best for kids and companionship.


#2 Bengal Cat

Smartest cat breeds

Lookalike of leopard, these beauties are highly sought-after. They are excellent learners and high with their paws.

This cat has a rambunctious personality and is a bit wild. They are powerful players that love to climb, chase, investigate, and be a part of their actions.

Though they are mischievous, they are always ready for adventures. They love water a lot and may follow you up to the bathtub, swimming pool, or any other water resource.

They have an athletic appearance. Best pet for your children as they have a very playful nature.

You will love them roaming around you. Make sure you provide them ample space.


#3 Burmese Cat

Smart cat Breed

Burmese cats possess a dog-like personality. They are very energetic and provide the best companionship & very high intelligence and very sociable.

They always tend to grab your attention. And love the company of other animals too. Apart from being very intelligent, they are very mischievous, also removing your boredom and loneliness.

Teaching them tricks and making them solve various puzzles makes their mind sharp. They explore your house quicker than you do.

Female Burmese are more demanding than male Burmese and happily sit in your lap for a bit. They will follow you everywhere you go.


#4 Cornish Rex Cat

smart cat Breeds

Being referred to as the “Greyhound” of the feline world, Cornish Rex is a domestic breed best known for its playful nature, intelligence, smartness, and curiosity.

They are also known as “people-oriented extroverts”. Cornish Rex has a very high level of energy and is very active. & willing explore every inch of your house if you let them.

They are perfect for people who love athletes. They love human interaction and tricky games and straightforward to train, and they love your toss toys.

Climbing, leaping, and sprinting are in their blood; hence, they require ample space for their mischievousness.


#5 Savannah Cat

cat Breeds smart

Savannah cats are the prettiest kittens you will love to be around & highly active. They are wild to their temperament. They have brains to match things. Also very well known for being mischievous when bored.

They keep themselves busy with the tricky puzzles and climbing structures; therefore, she requires much space. In particular, you may find her on your shoulder sometimes.

A lot of play sessions keep them mentally stimulated. The Savannah is a rare exotic breed with high intelligence.


#6 Siamese Cat

Intelligent cat breed

You can also know her as a “classic intelligent cat”. They go exceptionally well with tricky puzzles and other complex stimulations.

They are smart, affectionate, and curious & the best communicators with their people. Hence, they follow you everywhere around.

They tend to get bored if their brains are not stimulated, therefore some activities should be left to keep them busy.

They are pleased when you talk with them because they are loud and chatty. These cats are popular among celebrities.


#7 Singapura Cat

intelligent cat breed

Get ready to fall in love with this beauty! Singapura is also known as Puras. She is an extremely intelligent pocket rocket.

Her intelligence is seen in her extroversion and love towards her people. As she is social, she should not be left alone for hours.

She is small, playful, outgoing, and inquisitive. She is one of the best climbers, so do not forget to provide her plenty of vertical space.

Her hyperactivity makes sure you know she is there. She always keeps herself busy. Her small size but significant intelligence has made her very popular among American citizens.

She shares the intelligence of her ancestors.


#8 Scottish Fold Cat

Smart breed of cat

Searching for a cat that loves to play around you?

Well, Your choice is correct if you go for a Scottish Fold cat. Because She is “emotional intelligence” & Famous for her quick and excellent training skills.

She has an expressive face and her peculiar tendency to sit oddly and wants to blend with humans because of her human companion needs.

She will watch a movie on television and pay clear attention to the screen, she expects you to play with them. Scottish Fold tends to play with toys that test her intelligence.

Her adorable videos have gone viral across YouTube.


#9 Havana Brown Cat

smartest cat breeds

Havana Brown has a silky, chocolate-colored coat, making her very beautiful. She is brilliant and curious that uses its paws to explore and test objects.

When you arrive home after a long day, you will find Havana standing at the door with great curiosity as she is a great companion.

She prefers to ride on the shoulder than to be a ‘lap cat’.

She is very helpful in your daily activities. Havana is typically an inquisitive and chatty cats that love socialization at a great length.

They like to play with toys that challenge them physically and mentally.


#10 Korat Cat

smart cat Breed

Apart from being very intelligent, Korat has an excellent memory. Korat is a native cat of Thailand and even considered a good-luck charm in her homeland.

She is moderately energetic and loves interactive games. She is also smart and very attentive to the world surrounding her. 

They were always presented in pairs. They possessed a special meaning when gifted to the bride due to their association with prosperity and family.


#11 Tonkinese Cat

smartest breed of cat

The Tonkinese cat is smarty-pants because of the mixture of intelligence from the Siamese and Burmese.


This cat is quite social and will walk over your shoulders. They need some attention and will follow you everywhere.

It’s for this reason they shouldn’t be kept alone for a few hours. They are very good at playing games and dog games, too.

They like fetching and walk on a leash. As they are very smart, puzzles are not an option; they will keep themselves busy for long.

Hence, it’s necessary to keep a Tonkinese cat to keep themselves busy for hours. They keep changing their coat colors to keep adapting to their surroundings.


#12 Maine Coon

Intelligent cat breeds

Maine coon cat is very affectionate and very intelligent. It is some of the largest of the bunch. These cats are outperforming like athletes.

They require many games to maintain their physically fit and carious tricks to make their mind sharp. They have very valuable hunting skills.

In addition, it has gained much popularity in the smartness. They are very easy to train. They are playful with the children.

hence, no worries when they are around children.


(Bonus):- Japanese Bobtail Cat

smart cat Breeds

It is known that this Japanese Bobtail cat is received as a gift in Japan from China emperor. These cats please their owners with their soft chirping voice and have made their place among many homes.

They always play and keep themselves busy with tricky toys, puzzles, and games. Once they recognize the challenge from the puzzle, they get ready with a game of chase.

They feel comfortable in their master’s lap. If you are not a home person and looking for someone to be with you, a Japanese Bobtail cat is a perfect choice for you.



The above Smartest cat breed has proven its intelligence in various TV shows, reality shows, and entertaining shows. Even the Internet is flooded with their smartness videos that have gone viral. Even many types of researches were conducted, and harmless experiments were carried out to prove their intelligence. It’s due to their intelligence and smartness that they have held on various places among us in fields where security is provided.

Does your cat categorize from the list of the Smartest Cat Breed?

Let us know how you spotted your cat’s intelligence. If we have missed any, please let us know through the comments below. We are looking forward to hearing more from you.

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