Signs of an Abused Dog!

Signs of an Abused Dog!

Ever wondered about a dog with a critical past or abusive history that shows signs of an abused dog?

Viral animal abuse videos have flooded the Internet.

When we talk or think of abuse, it includes abused or neglected animals, dog fights, chained animals, and much more animal cruelty.

Sometimes, we fail to notice the animal abuse signs, the cry of those innocent animals, the loneliness they go through, and most terrible, 

The emotional memories they want to forget but cannot!

A pet caretaker may even miss the signs of not only physically abused but also mentally or emotionally abusing.

So, what are those red flags or subtle signs of an abused dog?

Let’s see and know in deep.


Physical Signs on your Pet Body


sign of an abused dog

Long nails, healed wounds, being too skinny, and unhealthy hair are the signs of your pet neglected by its previous owner.

Walking with an unusual gait and the body parts which they do not allow to touch are the signs that they may have been abused before.

Other than these symptoms may be subtle.


Your Pet’s Poor Body Condition


sign of an abused dog

You may see your dog having a filthy coat, open sores, injuries, or wounds;

Then he is flea or tick-infested. He is limping, unable to walk, underweight, or has congested eyes or ears.

Physical trauma is the most sensitive sign of abused dogs.

If you notice such, then your family member needs more veteran care and emotional support.

Excess physical injury means a lack of humanity in a humane society.


Food Aggression Issues


food aggression issues

Have you seen your dog getting aggressive if any other dog comes near its food?

Or does your dog eat so quickly without tasting the food?

Then definitely your dog has undergone abuse of its previous owner.

Other symptoms can be frantic eating, do not leave food when called or approached, biting anyone that comes near food. Food aggression is very dangerous.

Therefore, it should be discussed with the veterinarian or trainer as soon as possible.


Lack of Food/Water/Shelter


these are the sign of an abused dog

Whenever you observe that the dog has no source of food/water and it appears to be very skinny, and bones are visible.

You may find it aggressive at that time due to hunger and thirst; hence, it can be very lethargic.


A dog dies due to fully exposed to rough weather or constant sun.

The owner can be charged with law enforcement if his/her pet dies due to being left in a hot car.

You can report such incidents to the officer.


Lack of Sanitization


sign of an abused dog

You may notice faeces and debris covering the whole dog’s living area.

It is a clear sign of a lack of sanitization for the local animal.


Abandoned/Left Alone in an Empty Area


these are the sign of an abused dog

If you see any of your neighbors visiting a particular place of an animal they used to visit, then you should notice carefully.

In other cases,

The dog is left in an empty house or in a void place where no human activity takes place. As a result, the animal dies.

Therefore, the animal becomes more aggressive and is mentally disturbed.

Such cases are rising at an alarming rate!


Separation Anxiety/Being Extra Clingy


Separation anxiety/Being extra clingy

Separation anxiety is a visible sign when your dog clings to you while you need to go for the washroom.

It says that the dog might have an unstable puppyhood.

Such situations are observed when the dog is rehomed many times. A dog that was neglect causes separation disorders. It destroys your house when you leave it at home.

They tend to have unstable lifestyles as they are separated from their people every time.

The dog having separation anxiety, exhibits extreme barking, whining, howling, pacing, panting, urinating, or defecating.


Being Over-Submissive


sign of an abused dogs

Some dogs are naturally submissive. But, an emotionally abused dog may be over-submissive.

The signs of over-submission are rolling over with the tail when someone approaches, cowering, and lying down while urinating.

Don’tscold a dog that pees submissively; it only makes the matter worse.

Hence, it would be best if you talk about the issue with a trainer so that the dog can feel more comfortable at your home.


Shows Fear or Aggression Towards Strangers and Dogs


Shows fear or aggression towards strangers and dogs

The abused fearful dogs will hide and try to avoid unfamiliar people as well as other dogs.

Even a fearful behavior involves the cowering of dogs. FearfulDogs also show teeth, snap at people, growl, star, or guard their food.

Unpredictable fearfulness in certain circumstances is a sign of an abused dog.


The Animal is Either Tied or Caged


abused dog

If you notice chains or padlocks around the animal’s neck, that means the animals are abused.

In many states, chaining or tethering animals is illegal. Look for the ties animal’s neck because the neck may be infected.

The tied animals may have very little or no room to turn and are unable to stand. 


The Animal Was Being Trained or Having Been Used To Fight


The animal was being trained or having been used to fight

The most destructive form of an abused dog is dogfighting.

In that fight, two or more dogs are pitted against each other. Then they fight until death.

The training they receive for such fights involves more abuse.

In some cases, rather than training for good positive behavior, the dog is angered to that point where they are unable to live safely. In fights, the pain is inflicted.


Repetitive Unusual/Abnormal Behavior


Repetitive unusual/abnormal behavior

Mistreated dogs are seen to exhibit abnormal behavior.

For instance, rolling around in feces or other fouling things, severely shy, cowering, fear-biting, excessive sucking on pillows, spinning in circles when stressed.

These behaviors are repetitive. Such repetitive abnormal behaviors in maltreated dogs are caused by stress or extreme abuse by the previous owner.


A Large Number of Animals Living on the Same One Property


Large number of animals living on the same one property

In many cases, many dogs are living on the same property,

Which leaves very little or no space to move or walk freely. /this leads to irritation or aggressive behavior.

The owner performs overt acts of domestic violence. As a result, the physical abuse leaves scars on the body and mind of the animal.


Exhibiting Antisocial Behavior


Exhibiting antisocial behavior

Dogs are guided at a very young age for good social practice. They are provided various training and socialization.

In many emotionally abusive cases, the puppies are not allowed to interact with humans for a very long time.

Therefore, they exhibit antisocial behavior like barking at people when grown up and become very aggressive.

Showing Idiopathic Fear


Showing idiopathic fear

The dogs are diagnosed with idiopathic fear when they have undergone the hardest emotional abuse.

This fear can be triggered by noise, vibration, a change in weather, or any other little movements. Emotional abuse can be the primary cause of idiopathic fear.

Such dogs are exposed to extremely unstable living conditions (change in family, relocations) and unpredictable schedules.

These dogs should be given proper treatment and training with prescribed medicines.

Summary: Signs of an Abused Dog

All the above signs of an abused dog are at an extreme level. Some of them are subtle. Now,

Whenever you have a look at a dog, do not forget to see or observe these signs. Your little sight and help can save a life of a being.

Comment below to let others know your experience and tell them how you clarified a dog was abused.

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