Top Most Mellow Dog Breeds

Top Most Mellow Dog Breeds

Excited and eager to know about “Top Most Mellow dog breeds”

Your curiosity ends here!

Choose your own lovely and powerful companion that matches and fits perfectly into your exclusive lifestyle.

Add a member to your family because dogs are none other than one of life’s greatest pleasures!

Being the owner, you have a great responsibility to look after your ones. Create an emotional and unconditionally loving environment around you.

Let’s dive into the details of calm dog breeds that help you in building such an environment.


1) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Pets Introduce king charles spaniels,dog breeds Mellow dog breeds

Gaining an excellent rise in popularity with the various popular games like the toy dog, lap dog, etc. and being a companion by born,

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the calmest breed as family members and therapy dogs.

Like human nature, they too become happiest when perched on a pillow or on a lap and getting their belly rubbed.

They sometimes may display short bursts of energy.

Being one of the largest toy breeds, they exhibit an athletic breed and enjoy every dog sport like hiking, running, fly-ball, rally, etc.


Let’s Have a Look at Some Characteristics of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:


  •  Nice along with young children and dog-friendly
  •  Toy-breed with the verve and athleticism
  •  Eager to please their humans


  •  Very graceful, gentle, and affectionate
  •  Sweet and emanates melting expressions

Health and Training

  •  Prone to overweight and certain eye conditions
  •  An occasional bath with brushing is required
  •  Early socialization is necessary


  •  Height: 12-13 inches
  •  Weight: 13-18 pounds
  •  Life Expectancy: 12-15 years

2) Great Dane


Pets Introduce Great dane, dog breeds, mellow dog breeds

The very old breed i.e., Apollo of all dogs, and greatly recognized for its large overwhelming size,

Gentle GiantorDaneorGerman Mastiffhas risen to global prominence.

Its stubbornness and refined power with dignity have made it an ideal human companion.

Being brave, loyal, lovable, and affectionate, the Great Dane is one of the best apartment living dog breeds, trained right from puppyhood.

That’s why they are on the list of most mellow dog breeds

They are gentle and love to play around with children. They are popularly known for seeking physical affection.

Holding stature in the dog world, they appear terribly imposing. They do not exhibit extreme aggressiveness unless sensing strange and new environments.


Let’s Have a Look at Some Characteristics of the Great Dane:


  •  Best for residential dwelling
  •  Low sensitivity level
  •  Easy-going if trained well from puppyhood


  •  Friendly towards owner and family
  •  Exclusively friendly with kids
  •  Dog-friendly and Best-natured dog

Health and Training

  •  Doesn’t shed much
  •  Prone to gastric dilation-volvulus (GDV)
  •  Early socialization is necessary
  •  Easy to housetrain


  •  (Male) Height: 30-34 inches, Weight: 120-200 pounds
  •  (Female) Height: 28-32 inches, Weight: 100-130 pounds
  •  Life Expectancy: 7-10 years

3) Pug


Pets Introduce Pug, dog breeds, mellow dog breeds

The one with a very ‘happy-go-lucky’ attitude, Pug, never fails to make you laugh!

It’s one of the most easygoing mellow dog breeds.

Apart from being a lap dog originally, they like to expose their great sense of humor. Their whole life revolves around human companionship.

Being cuddled and petted is their hot-most favorite and get jealous if you shift these affections to someone else.

They are good watchdogs with lovely bark. The moderate temperature is pretty much good for them.

It is strongly recommended not to treat them angrily and harshly as it can hurt their feelings deeply.


Let’s Have a Look at Some Characteristics of the Pug:


  •  Best human companion
  •  Perfectly fine in an apartment with no lots of rooms
  •  Very dog-friendly


  •  Free, laid-back, and easy-going nature
  •  Charming, mischievous, and loving
  •  Described as ‘multum in parvo’ in Latin, i.e., much in little
  •  Highly sensitive

Health and Training

  •  Ambient temperature is strongly recommended
  •  Highly socialization is required
  •  Sheds regularly
  •  Prone to cold, high temperature, and obese


  •  Height: 10-13 inches
  •  Weight: 14-18 pounds
  •  Life Expectancy: 13-15 years

4) French Bulldog


Pets Introduce french bulldog mellow dog breeds

French Bulldog is known as the most popular registered pet dog breed, the French Bulldog resembles a Bulldog in miniature, except with large and erect “bat ears”.

And is also considered as a most mellow dog breed.

Though other breeds are charming, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

This is what makes the French Bulldog one of the most loving companion dogs of the world who thrive on human contact.

Spreading good vibes around them wherever they go makes them more lovable, soft, and easy-going.

With fewer exercises and grooming requirements, they need large companionship needs.

Hence, proper and best human to canine communication is a must, else they may become stubborn and aggressive or snappish.


Let’s Have a Look at Some Characteristics of the French Bulldog:


  • Apartment or small dwellings are best
  •  Do not bark much
  •  Easy going with the one who can make them delightful patiently


  •  Flexible, wise, playful, alert
  •  May experience separation anxiety if left alone for more than a few hours

Health and Training

  •  Sheds frequently
  •  Enough exercises are needed to keep them in shape
  •  Should not be exposed to hot or humid temperature
  •  A big amount of training is required due to big personalities
  •  Prone to breathing problems
  •  Have eye conditions occasionally


  •  Height: 11-13 inches
  •  Weight: 16-28 pounds
  •  Life Expectancy: 10-12 years

5) Saint Bernard


Pets Introduce st bernard mellow dog breeds

Recognized as a working breed, Saint Bernard, or the “gentle giant”, was originally used to defend the ground of Switzerland’s Hospice Saint Bernard.

Being muscular, powerful, and giant, St. Bernard is one of the most lovable mellow dog breeds.

Just one thing to keep in mind is to keep small children a little away from them in order to be accidentally knocked out due to the large size of St. Bernard.

They are bred to be a great working companion.


Let’s Have a Look at Some Characteristics of Saint Bernard:


  •  Enjoys home comforts globally
  •  Indoor dog as a family friend


  •  Curious, playful, intelligent, eye-appealing
  •  Watchful, careful with children, obedient

Health and Training

  •  Has seasonal shedding
  •  Need moderate exercises
  •  Obedience training is recommended
  •  Prone to bloat and hip dysplasia


  •  (Male) Height: 28-30 inches, Weight: 140-180 pounds
  •  (Female) Height: 26-28 inches, Weight: 120-140 pounds
  •  Life Expectancy: 8-10 years

6) Bullmastiff


Pets Introduce bullmastiffmellow dog breeds

A phrase like “fearless heroic protector” belongs to the Bullmastiff. one of the most laid-back and mellow dog breeds.

Famous as the silent watchdog for its faithfulness, this breed has a very soft corner in its heart for loved ones.

Besides having strong muscles and a powerful body, they love being risky and adventurous with the owner.

They are highly sensitive. Being a natural guardian, no special guardian training is required for them.

They may jump on strangers and tackle them unless told to stop.


Let’s Have a Look at Some Characteristics of the Bullmastiff:


  •  Great apartment/residential of condos dwelling
  •  Loves adventurous spots


  • Very loving, Loyal, Heroic, Powerful
  •  Fond of adventures with loved ones
  •  Droolers and slobbers with short and easy-care coats

Health and Training

  •  Has seasonal shedding and require less grooming
  •  Very energetic, hence, fewer exercises are needed
  •  Early training and socialization are critically required
  •  Prone to cancer and bloat


  •  (Male) Height: 25-27 inches, Weight: 110-130 pounds
  •  (Female) Height: 24-26 inches, Weight: 100-120 pounds
  •  Life Expectancy: 7-9 years

7) Basset Hound


Pets Introduce basset hound mellow dog breeds

Short-legged and belonging to the hound family, this lovable breed was originally bred was for hunting as their sensing smell and ability to ground-scent is the prior feature.

The Basset Hound is one of the most popular family companions and also in the list of calmest dog breeds.

Being an adorable droopler, they are great fun being around. Their large pendulous ears do not allow air to circulate within them.

As a result, their ears must be cleaned frequently to avoid ear infections.


Let’s Have a Look at Some Characteristics of the Basset Hound:


  •  Love to hang out around the house and through the fields
  •  Less likely to stay indoor


  • Obedient, adorable, patient
  • Highly sensitive to smells, Low-key, Low-slung

Health and Training

  •  Require frequent grooming
  •  Less active, hence, regular exercises are needed
  •  Crate training with early socialization is strongly recommended
  •  Prone to obesity, hip dysplasia, and ear infections


  •  Height: 12-15 inches
  •  Weight: 40-65 pounds
  •  Life Expectancy: 12-1 year

8) Newfoundland


pets introduce newfoundland mellow dog breeds

Newfoundland is one of the breeds that has earned respect as the calmest dog breed and watchful nanny dog for kids…

The magician of soft expressions and soulful, Newfoundland respond to gentle guidance.

A very strong work ethic is the basis of Newfoundland.

Excelling at water rescue and lifesaving due to tremendous strength makes them famous as life savior and thereby inspiring others for the same.

They represent ideal companions in the world of therapy.


Let’s Have a Look at Some Characteristics of Newfoundland:


  •  Small-sized rooms are not enough, spacious space required
  •  Amazing good with children


  •  Calm, docile, extremely loyal, sweet-tempered
  •  Ideal working breed and has natural lifesaving capabilities
  •  Hardworking and wonderful family companion

Health and Training

  •  Sheds seasonally, hence, frequent grooming is required
  •  Early socialization is necessary
  •  Easily trained
  •  Harsh conditions are prohibited
  •  Prone to hereditary disease Sub-Aortic Stenosis (SAS) and hip dysplasia


  •  (Male) Height: 27-29 inches, Weight: 130-150 pounds
  •  (Female) Height: 25-27 inches, Weight: 100-120 pounds
  •  Life Expectancy: 9-10 years

9) Clumber Spaniel


Pets Introduce, mellow dog breeds clumber spaniels dog

Despite having an independent side, the Clumber Spaniel loves to please his owner and loves a good quality family time also.

Being a couch potato, the time only when the bark is when they want something.

They’re the best calmest dog breed for pet-owners as they are moderately stubborn

Having nice intelligence and sweet temperament, they tend to be the best and wonderful human companions.

Be kind and firm to them. Treating them harshly can develop bad habits in them and leading them to become Scavenger Spaniel.


Let’s Have a Look at Some Characteristics of Clumber Spaniel:


  •  Very outdoorsy and active
  •  Sturdy childhood playmates


  •  Affectionate, amusing, gentle
  •  Aloof with strangers

Health and Training

  •  Sheds heavily and requires frequent grooming
  •  Easily trained and ample exercises required
  •  Prone to skin & flea allergies and hip dysplasia


  •  (Male) Height: 18-20 inches, Weight: 70-85 pounds
  •  (Female) Height: 17-19 inches, Weight: 55-70 pounds
  •  Life Expectancy: 10-12 years


10) English Bulldog


Pets Introduce, mellow dog breeds, English bulldog

The English Bulldog is among one of the gentlest dog breeds.

They have outstanding guarding capabilities and are very courageous.

They love to play especially with small children, thus making them pure like children.

However, they want a large amount of human attention. Shifting this concentration can make them aggressive.

They are very well suited to apartment life rather than sporty life as they are indoor dogs!


Let’s Have a Look at Some Characteristics of an English Bulldog:


  •  Good for residential life
  •  Chill in cold weather and sensitive to hot weather


  •  Very frank, courageous, patient, calm
  •  Best known for loyalty
  •  Happiest with the owner and frowns if ignored
  •  Enjoys and well behaves with every soul

Health and Training

  •  Highly sensitive to the tone of the owner’s voice
  •  Early socialization is recommended
  •  Harsh treatment can make them much stubborn
  •  Prone to breathing problems and skin infections


  •  (Male) Height: 19-25 inches, Weight: 65-130 pounds
  •  (Female) Height: 18-24 inches, Weight: 60-120 pounds
  •  Life Expectancy: 8 years

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