How To Train A Goldendoodle

How To Train A Goldendoodle

The perfect living companion and loving family member – Goldendoodle is an ideal mixture of a Golden retriever and a Poodle.

Being your kid’s favorite puppy, Goldendoodle needs the training to mingle in your environment. In this article, we will discuss

How to train a Goldendoodle through a step-by-step procedure.

Training a Goldendoodle when it is seven weeks old is extremely rewarding. During its training period, you will also enjoy a lot, bringing you and your pup closer.

Be prepared as one of your family members is going to stay with you; hence you will have new changes in your house and lifestyle.

Therefore, to make it more affectionate, frank, and less tiresome,

let’s see steps for How to Train a Goldendoodle:


How to Train a Goldendoodle ( A Step By Step Guide )

Step #1: Research, research, and research

How To Train a Goldendoodle

It is essential to research than proceeding ahead. It is in nature that a puppy does what it desires the most at that moment.

Consult a puppy training professional. Learn tricks from experts. As human babies are a blank slate, your pup is too a blank slate.

Please write good behavior and develop good traits in them that are most valuable.

It is vital to know how dogs learn, and their learning behavior is different from that of humans. Hence, do plenty of research.


Step #2: Form a Bond that Gains the Trust of your Doodle

How To Train a Goldendoodle

Before you start training your little new pal, you need to develop a strong relationship with it to gain trust.

Building bonds and gaining trust makes training a lot easier than directly training.

Once you gain trust,

Your doodle sees you as its master and will listen to you calmly. Your overexcite can worsen the pup’s behavior,

Which leads to difficult training.


Step #3: Start obedience training your puppy immediately

How To Train a Goldendoodle

Like we do not adjust to the new environment quickly, the same as for all living beings. Once you bring the doodle home, Start its training as soon as possible to avoid its confusion.

As now you have become a dog owner, you need to manage the doodle’s expectations to prevent various troubles from approaching.

Step #4: Teaching basic commands to your Goldendoodle

How To Train a Goldendoodle

Teach your dog to sit and once they master sit, teach “stay”. Some of the basic commands that might get you out of an embarrassing situation or emergency are…

“Off/No Jumping”, ”Go to the bed”, ”Speak”, “Quiet”, “Give”, “Fetch the ball”, “Give it/Leave it”, “Lay”, “Stay”, “Come”.

Use repetition of these words consistently and don’t get discouraged. The basic commands will teach your puppy how to mind.

Step #5: Use positive reinforcement

How To Train a Goldendoodle

The best way to teach is through love, but not through fear. Teaching someone with love helps them to grow.

Most people choose this method to train their puppy. Reward your new pal for good behavior and ignore the bad behavior.

Redirect the dog’s attention towards a good activity when they approach inappropriate action and then praise them.

Everyone loves to be praised.


Step #6: Basic Goldendoodle Principles and Training Tips

How To Train a Goldendoodle

Every time use rewards-based training and avoid using punishments for training. Always use rewards the dog will respond to. This will enhance the good habits in them.

Training sessions with puppies should be brief and frequent. Long sessions are hard to remember. The short sessions improve memory and stamina. Try to end your session positively.

Do fun things like handshakes and high fives. Always make sure that they understand the basics.


Step #7: Potty training your Goldendoodle

How To Train a Goldendoodle

As soon as you bring your doodle home, start toilet training on the very day. Don’t get discouraged. Be vigilant.

Do not let it roam the whole house because it will make potty training more difficult. Therefore, take the dog out frequently.

Try to make it to the bathroom using basic commands and praise its obedience. If the dog has an accident indoors,

Clean up accidents thoroughly to ensure no odor is left behind; because that odor draws it to use the same spot again and again.

Don’t forget basic commands to associate with potty training.


Step #8: Crate training your Goldendoodle

How To Train a Goldendoodle

Crate training during the early stages of training can be beneficial. Very few people pot for it. All want their own space;

Hence give them a place they can call their own.

Set up the crate,

Which is big enough for the puppy to stretch and stand up without banging its head.

Encourage the dog to discover and explore the crate on its own as it makes them happy. Once the puppy is regularly used to the crate, gradually begin shutting the door.

Remember, don’t reward/praise discontent and never let them be in the crate for more hours than their age in months plus one hour.


Step #9: Providing Complete Socialization

How To Train a Goldendoodle

Dogs being social animals, feel much happy when exposed to people, numerous dogs, and other animals in different situations.

This makes their personality balanced. Goldendoodle puppies feel pleased when they spend time playing and pleasing their master as well as other people.

Spend time with them by taking them to the parks. Interacting with other calm and well-behaved dogs make their health better.


Step #10: Teaching Good Manners

How To Train a Goldendoodle

“You can bend a plant but not a tree.”

You can teach good manners and ethical behavior when your Goldendoodle is a puppy, because the older they get, the harder they change.

When you bring the little puppy at home, it is a host of a lot of bad habits that eventually can be removed.

For example, when your little pup bites you, even though it doesn’t hurt you, discourage that habit.


Step #11: How to Make Goldendoodle Deal with Small Children and Temperament

How To Train a Goldendoodle

Ensure several steps to build mutual trust among your family members – your little children and your young puppies. These steps are:

  • Teach and let the child do small tasks like filling the bowl or help while grooming.
  • Teach the child to speak calmly when near the dog.
  • The child should sit and then play with the dog to prevent it from getting overexcited.
  • Help your kid to give the pup a special treat that it doesn’t get from anyone for a positive approach.
  • First, the child should practice with the toy and then pick or cuddle the doodle.

It will be best if you have clear boundaries mapped out between the child and the pup.


Step #12: Maintain a Smooth and Consistent Routine of Goldendoodle

How To Train a Goldendoodle

Likewise, we keep our routine consistent and stable; we should also keep our puppy’s routine that is good for its health and environment.

This is an essential part of the training.

Goldendoodle requires plenty of exercise to maintain its health. Waking and sleeping at the proper time, a balanced diet, feeding at a set time, exercising at a particular time, and walking around at the arranged time all fall under a consistent routine.


#Bonus:- Necessary Products For The Goldendoodle Training:-


How To Train a Goldendoodle

Here are the necessary products which you will require during your doodle puppy training.

In case if your puppy is very wild, we recommend you take your doodle to the obedience school to work with the professional trainer.

While you provide training to your doodle, make sure you do not get discouraged, do not get angry and stay calm, have patience because patience is everything, do not get too harsh, and most important do not forget to reward.

Rewards make your pup enhance good and ethical behavior.


Wrapping Up

Completing a step-by-step guide on How to Train a Goldendoodle, we would like to hear from you how you trained your Goldendoodle. Do leave a comment, like, and subscribe for more information. Let us know which steps you are going to follow from the above article.

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