How to Discipline a Cat?

How to Discipline a Cat?

There is no doubt that you really love your furry friend, your cat!

It may be possible that your furry friend may sometimes do things it isn’t supposed to do. 

All you need to do is to know – “How to Discipline a Cat?”

One morning, you find yourself annoyed at your ankle scratched or your favorite things messed up in the room, and you can’t help yourself but clean the stuff up.

The only solution to stop your cat from making such a mess or stop hurting you is to discipline it.

In this article, you will be going through proven ways to discipline your cat and enjoy its training.

Before diving in deep. Let’s Know

Why Do Cats Misbehave?


How to Discipline a cats

Sometimes, Cats misbehave to express natural inhibitions.

Hence, we should not punish them for their nature.

Instead, We can help them to adjust. Other than this nature, cats carry bad behavior from nowhere and make it a daily routine.

Sometimes, people’s faults or some health conditions can also lead to such bad behavior or undesirable behavior.

However, rather than blaming them, we should go for training them, discipline them with the most care and patience. But what can be those misbehaviors?

Let’s list them out.

Unwanted Cat Misbehaviors

Cats display a variety of misbehaviors.
Some of them are common to all cats, while others are specific depending on the cat’s health and surroundings. Some are bad habits, too.

The General/Common Misbehaviors 

1) Scratching household stuff

2) Bringing little dead animals home

3) Chewing on wires

4) Jumping on top of counters

5) Biting the person unexpectedly

6) Urinating outside of the litter box

7) Cat becoming very aggressive

8) Playing too much at night-time

9) Yowling in the hot environment

10) Foiling fleas and tackling tapeworms

These are cat problems or unwanted cat behaviors. Can they be stopped from behaving like these?


But how?

Let’s see methods on How to Discipline a Cat.


Training your Cat


How to Discipline a cats

Cats are smart and intelligent than other pets.

As cats have both short-term and long-term memory, they can be trained. Just like humans, pets react well to positivity.

Cats remember the moment they enjoy it. Select a motivator. This motivator should entice your cat to do as per you.

Proper training can help your cat learn discipline and avoid unwanted behavior.

Use your Voice


How to Discipline a cats

Using your voice when your cat is doing something you don’t like is sometimes okay.

Use words like “hey”, “no”, and “stop” in a loud and firm voice to stop the cat from entering the wrong zone.

Using these words consistently for a long time can make your cat quite bad behavior from your cat.

Clap your Hands


How to Discipline a cats


If you do not wish to use your voice, you can clap your hands to get your cat to desist from misbehaving.

The loud noise coming from claps irritates or unsettles your cat and can distract her, stopping them from doing things you don’t like.

Repeat clapping for a while and make a consistency like you do in using your voice.


Use Noisy Cans


How to Discipline a cats

This method is beneficial when your cat jumps on the counters or your cat climbs on top of the cabinets or somewhere.

Shake a noisy can. Get an empty can and keep some pennies in it. You can also arrange two soda cans, one on top of the other, with minimal contact. Minimal contact causes cans to wobble.

Repeat 2-3 times until the cat stops. It does not require repeating more than 5-6 times for stubborn cats.


Use Water or Deterrents Spray Bottle


How to Discipline a cats
Spraying water on the kitten to stop while it misbehaves is an effective and proven method.

When your cat tries to destroy your household plants, spray water, or deterrents.


Do not practice this for very long as it is scary for your cat and can damage your relationship with your cat.

Just reaching for the spray bottle can stop the behavior.


Play With Your Cat


How to Discipline a cats

A stressed or bored cat can sometimes misbehave with you. Maybe she is not getting enough playtime.

You need to pay attention to her and play with her to stop the disaster from coming. Play the games your cat likes to play. If she wants to roam, chase her around the house.

If your cat likes to chew while play with toys, buy her some chewing toys.


Give Your Cat Time Out


How to Discipline a cats

Simply put your cat in an isolated room or bathroom for about 20 minutes to half an hour if she is doing something terrible.

The bathroom is preferable to the rooms. It serves as a jail for her. Giving her time out can change her bad behavior.


 Spend Time and Engage with Her


How to Discipline a cats

Apart from grabbing attention, cats like to spend time with you.

Engage with her in different interactive activities. Spend time cuddling with her and love your cat. If your cat doesn’t like to talk, don’t speak.

Just do what she wants. 

This develops a warm relationship between you both and helps you in making your cat listening to you.

Praise/Reward your Cat’s Good Behavior


How to Discipline a cats

Cats like rewards/gifts more than they dislike punishments. Whenever possible, encourage your cat’s good behavior by praising her or gifting her favorite things like toys.

The best gift you can give your cat is your time and attention.

If your cat scratches poles rather than couches or if you find her chewing toy lying next, reward her. She will love it.

Your cat will differentiate between good and bad behavior quickly.

Do’s While Disciplining your Cat


Stop your Cat Immediately During Bad Behavior:  As soon as you see your cat doing some bad behavior, immediately stop her and distract her. Distracting her is a very effective method for reinforcing positivity and ethical behavior.

For example, if your cat scratches your stuff, redirect her to the scratching post.


Litter Training: Does your cat urinates in other house areas than in the litter box? Then it would be best if you considered your cat’s health. This change can be symptoms of change in health.

You should not punish her for such a thing. But, call a vet and fix an appointment. The vet will provide you tips for Clean the litter box regularly.

Place a pleasant smell in the litter box that your cat likes.


Make Changes to your Cat’s Surroundings: As many co-incidents happen in our lives, they can happen in your cat’s life, too. Just watch the surrounding of the cat. Rearrange or remove the stuff that can harm your cat.

For instance, if your cat hits something without noticing it and makes a jump to the silky blanket beside it, that makes her slide.


Placing an Unpleasant Smell to Avoid your Cat in a Particular Area: If you don’t wish your cat in a specific area of the house, you can place an unpleasant smell. This foul smell tends to stop her in that spot.

Certain smells that cats dislike are orange peels, eucalyptus, aloe, wintergreen, citronella, and perfumes. Soak a cotton ball in them and place it in those spots.


Ignore your Cat: If your misbehaving cat wants and tries to get your attention, ignore her.

Paying attention to the flaw or bad behavior of your cat can make her a bad habit.

All your cat wants is your attention! Ignore her for some time until she stops and then take proper action.


 Don’ts While Disciplining your Cat


Never Yell to Make a Point: Your and your cat’s language are different. You can change the tone and volume of your voice to stop her. But don’t scare your cat by yelling at her.

Yelling makes her stressed and anxious and can worsen her bad behavior.


Never Allow Things in Play that isn’t Okay: Not stopping your cat from biting your finger during playtime can promote its bad behavior. It may think that it is okay to do so.

If your cat starts to scratch or bites innocently while playing, immediately stop it. Else this may affect your children as your cat can bite him/them.


Getting Physical is Never an Option: Do not physically hurt your cat while training her or stopping her from bad habits. Hurting can only worsen the situation and upset your cat.

Train them like your loved ones. This helps as an assistant.


Go for prompt punishments: Prompt punishments (time out, spray bottle) that encourage the good in your cat are strongly recommended than harsh punishments.

Harsh punishments or physical punishments not only hurt them, but they may withdraw the training provided. Often, discourage their behavior rather than punishing them.


Do not Lack your Consistency: You can’t tell your cat where she goes wrong. Instead, you can make consistency where you don’t want her bad habit or behavior. Like,

if you see your cat chewing a wire and stop her, but then allow her to play with it, it will not attain any good thing. This means you lack consistency.


Note: Never scruff your cat. Scruffing is painful and not recommended. Put a blanket over her and scoop your cat up inside it. Never harm your cat when she misbehaves. It only worsens the situation, making your cat very aggressive. Try to handle her with love; after all, love heals the pain.

Wrapping Up


The mentioned methods for how to discipline a cat work well as they have worldwide instances and proofs. It is possible that in severe cases, these methods won’t work.

In such extreme circumstances, Follow the instructions:


Visit the Vet: Give a full medical check-up to your cat while paying a visit to the vet. Your cat may sometimes suffer from undetected wounds, hormonal imbalance, distress, roundworm, flukes and tapeworm, psychological disorders, or any other disease. The veteran provides better treatment and better advice.


Look at the Cat’s Diet/Medication: Have you changed an ingredient of your cat’s diet? Have you changed your cat’s food? Does your cat display some strange traits due to medications?

Then you probably need to have a look at it. Verify medicines by a vet once more for possible side effects. If the diet is causing the problem, try to change the brand or alter the possible ingredients.

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